Naughty redhead teacher Mrs. Ruby and her friends

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Teacher Mrs. Ruby was having a erect time with one of her students who couldn't seem to focus and learn well in class. He couldn't help but stare at her breasts that were snugged in her tight satin blouse and her visibly erect nipples. Finally tired of seeing her student fail, she decided to give him something else to focus on. She teased him for a while by crossing and uncrossing her legs to expose her panties underneath her short skirt, then grabbing his attention even more by taking her blouse off and showing him just what he was fantasizing about. It didn't take long before Mrs. Ruby was in doggystyle position on her desk and pulling down her students pants to release his bulging privates out for her blow and bang! Usually the student is the one that is learning, but today, Mrs. Ruby was the student who got taught a lesson in banging.

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